Collection: Curator Choice: Collection Dedication to Art Critic/Historian Barbara Rose

AXP launches our new Summer AXP Capsule Collection dedicated in memory to art critic/art historian Barbara Rose which is part of our ongoing AXP Capsule Collection Series. Our 2021 Global Curator Choice initiative by special invitation selected eight contemporary artists who were close personal friends of Ms. Barbara Rose during her career and lifetime. 

Rachel Vancelette founder of AXP invited select contemporary artists Rosella Vasta (Italy), Carolyn Marks Blackwood (USA) Arturo Casanova (Italy), Don Kimes (USA) Juan Garaizabal (Spain) Nino Longobardi (Italy) Paul Manes (USA) and Bruno Ceccobelli (Italy).

The international selection of contemporary artists were each close personal artist friends of Ms. Rose. The art critic and art historian, well known for her continued support and close friendship with many known contemporary artists throughout the decades, continued to correspond, travel and make multiple art studio visits with all of these select contemporary artists. This AXP Capsule Collection is a rare insider view and specifically curated to help present an important personal tribute for Ms. Rose from the voices of artists themselves. 

Each unique Collector Edition is set in dedication to help support the Barbara Rose Film Archive and presents selected artwork that will continue to help shine a light on her important legacy and lifetime of dedicated work in the contemporary arts. 

~Celebrating the life and legacy of Barbara Rose~
Barbara Ellen Rose (June 11, 1936-December 25, 2020 
Barbara Rose in 1982 by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

Barbara Rose was an American art historianart critic, curator and college professor. Rose's criticism focused on 20th-century American art, particularly minimalism and abstract expressionism, as well as Spanish art. "ABC Art", her influential 1965 essay, defined and outlined the historical basis of minimalist art. She also wrote a widely used textbook, American Art Since 1900: A Critical History.

AXP Capsule Collection with the “Puzzles with Purpose" initiative helps to raise funds in support of the Barbara Rose Film Archive. The artists’ archival donations and contributions include personal materials with Ms. Rose from their artist studios and time with the critic. Their contributions present a variety of rare items/research material such as film clips, interviews/articles, personal writings, letters, photographs, recordings and more.

The artists’ collaborative efforts will be set for donation to select institutions such as the Getty Institutional Archive. The Getty Archive currently holds important papers and writings by Ms. Rose which she donated during her lifetime. Rose donated important papers and multiple tape recordings of rare artist interviews in support of continued education in the contemporary arts. 

Among this special AXP Capsule Collection, one will find personal and powerful tributes from all of the artists in the forms of artworks, writings, personal images, ‘inside the studio’ photographs, personal stories, home videos and a very special Collector Edition created in personal tribute and memory of Ms. Barbara Rose.