Jigsaw Puzzle Facts | Materials

 Art x Puzzles: Jigsaw Puzzle Facts | Materials

Our puzzles range from  80, 100, 285, 300, 500, 1000 to 2000- Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces. 

Our Bespoke AXP Collector Editions arrive in a specially custom-made wood box engraved with Art X Puzzles, and in some case the Artist Name, Art Charity, Art Organization and more. 

We do our best to provide you with updated links to live-videos for feel, look and close-up experience of our high-end custom made jigsaw puzzles.

Our Collector Edition come in variety of three options at our website. Traditional Jigsaw Puzzle, Pre-Assembled Jigsaw Puzzle, Framed Jigsaw Puzzle. Please click the left drop down menu on each product page to select your option.

Traditional Jigsaw Puzzle Option: The jigsaw puzzle arrives broken down into pieces in a handcrafted AXP designed wooden box. The Collection Edition is accompanied on most occasions with a USB Drive unless otherwise noted. (Our Traditional Unlimited Puzzle Boxes with images, do not arrive with USB drive due to the image printed on top of the box) 

Pre-Assembled Jigsaw Puzzle Option: This Collector Edition Choice arrives with a Pre-Assembled Option and separated onto 2 cardboard squares. The AXP Collector Editions comes ready to slide together for a complete instant puzzle and/or to be broken down for puzzling fun and/or framing! Each AXP Edition arrives with a separate box, dust bag and USB drive unless otherwise noted. 

Framed AXP Jigsaw Puzzle Option: This Collector Edition Choice arrives framed and completed in a general standard black frame, unless otherwise selected or noted on product pages options. Each AXP Edition arrives with a separate box, dust bag and USB drive unless otherwise noted.

Framed Puzzle image on product pages may not an exact match to product. Our frames do not have mounting boarders and come standardized to provide you the best framing experience. Contact us if you have an additional questions or requests. We will do our best to accommodate. 

Our Magnetic Puzzle Layer: These extremely well-made puzzles have cleverly incorporated a very thin layer of material with gentle magnetic properties underneath all the pieces, allowing the puzzle to be more stable and secure as the puzzler puts them together.

Perfect Pieces- perfectly finished 

Eska Premium Board: Specially developed in blue or grey backing and produced using only FSC 100% recycled paper, it solves every problem. With our 3-layer solid board, when die cut, the layers remain tightly fixed in place and the jigsaw puzzle remains intact for years to come. Perfect lamination, lays flat, stays flat!

A X P Puzzles Jigsaw Puzzle Images can be in some cases be a software generated assimilation of the jigsaw puzzle, and may not be an exact facsimile to the finish product. Jigsaw puzzle pieces may vary and we do our best to update daily and have live views of our puzzles in process. The jigsaw puzzle may not be an exact color match to artwork due to the nature of puzzle making process. The three-layer compression process using ESKA premium board, therefore slight variations can occur under the pressure process of the print itself. The die-cutting machine applies up to 1,100 tons of pressure on each puzzle. 

Artist Proof aka "AP":  We allocate three artists’ proofs for each edition. The term artist proof is used in connection with limited edition prints. It is a common practice that an artist keeps 10-15% out of a limited print edition for their own use. These prints are called artist proofs or épreuve d'artiste (French). Art x Puzzles has allocated three artists proofs for each puzzle. The artist will release AP1 and AP2 at their discretion for sale. AP3 stay with the artist studio. 

AI Generative PuzzlesUnique Wood Jigsaw Puzzles are created with an AI machine, using software technology that creates each puzzle as a new and unique piece. Generative Jigsaw puzzles using custom software and natural patterns, including three special whimsy pieces also includes a special engraved with Art x Puzzles on the backside. The beautifully lazer-cut plywood with unique puzzle pieces make each puzzle an exclusive one-of-a-kind.

Wooden Puzzles: Irregular cut, Victorian cut or knob style cut jigsaw puzzles are custom-made with the most beautiful woods. Produced by premium laser cutting technologies, each jigsaw puzzle piece contains a campfire scent. Manufactured with premium wood materials and unique special UV Technology printing makes these dynamic puzzles archival for years to come. 

Premium Direct UV Printing for Wooden Puzzles: Direct printing onto the wood surface using advanced UV technology.

Unlimited Edition Puzzles: These are rare and special editions by special invitation that come 285, 500 and 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle sizes. Each come on traditional standard custom-designed puzzle cardboard box. Edition of 1000.

Collector Editions of 20 + 2AP's: These specially crafted puzzles arrive in specially designed and crafted wood boxes engraved with Art X Puzzles, and in some cases the artists name.

USB Drive: Each Collectir Edition Jigsaw Puzzle of 20 to 100 arrives with an engraved USB Drive which holds the information of the artists' backgrounds, the artist certificate of authentication and the jigsaw puzzle image. This UBS drive can be used for your storage archive and/or to print. 

The USB drive provides the ability for one to have the image on every device from IPHONE, IPAD or computer all while completing the jigsaw puzzle. For archival purpose, it is great to have this handy UBS Drive to both help store your contemporary artist special edition jigsaw puzzle and maintain the special archival paperwork in the palm of your hand. 

Hand Engraved Boxes: Our custom-made handcrafted wooden boxes arrive bearing the name of the artist and/or our company name ARTXPUZZLES. Due to our handcraft makers timelines for creation each handmade box is released due to supplies available. 

Environmental Footprint: Our environmental  footprint is important so we work hard to ensure all of our products are meeting the top standards. We take our responsibility to protect forests by sourcing materials originated from well-managed forests and support green printing.  Our materials and production processes meet global conservation and quality standards verifying materials used originating from well-managed sources. Quality, safety and ethical practices are key aspects and our factory certifications links are noted below.



Our packing materials are biodegradeable including our packing peanuts and other materials supplies. (any bubble wrap used is recycled by shipments received or packages received.)

Storage Tips for your Jigsaw Puzzles: It is good to avoid high humidity, dampness, extreme heat and extreme cold. The puzzles arriving in custom-made wooden box, keep the lid tight and secure with our special clipping system. 

Recommendations: As the puzzle piece are small and may be a choking hazard this puzzle is best for Age 6 and above and it is not a suitable gift for small children.

Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces: ART X PUZZLES has many varieties and sizes of jigsaw puzzles ranging in price, sizes and materials.

60-80 Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces: Knob Style Wood / AI Generated Shapes/ Woodchip Traditional

80 Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

100 Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces 

285 Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

285 Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Magnetic

285 Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Double Sided

300 Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Custom Round

300 Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Custom Round Double Sided

500 Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces: Square & Rectangle

500 Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Magnetic

500 Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Double Sided

500-503 Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Knob Style: Wood

1000 Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

2000 Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

Wooden 8” x 10” Regular with laser box

Wooden 8” x 10” Victorian Cut

Wooden Victorian Cut:  24” x 18” 

AI Generative Puzzle: 6” x 6” and up.

Acrylic Jigsaw Puzzles

+ Many More! 

Art x Puzzles invited a select group of international artists from all around the world in order to shine a light on their studio practice and create a unique one-of-a-kind Collector Edition Jigsaw Puzzle using original artworks. 

Due to popular demand, ART X PUZZLES welcomes contemporary artists and art curators to submit new ideas for A X P Artists jigsaw puzzles for future consideration. Please contact us directly to be a be part of the ongoing ART X PUZZLES global initiative making jigsaw puzzles fun for all to enjoy!  

Email: info@artxpuzzles.com | Contact Us: 347-851-7065