Himbad Biography

Himbad is an international artist and man of influence that everyone wants to be connected to and friends with. His origins steeped in mystery, Himbad is famed for his good character, love of laughter, and projects sagely wisdom with his critically acclaimed array of creatures and colorful murals. His artwork adorns walls and unique spaces all around the world. Himbad's artworks continue to be archetypal and ageless, and all the while the artist is continually inspired by studies in science, world mythology and occultism. Himbad's quest for knowledge, truth and earthly delights knows no bounds. 

Following the success of the sold-out 2017 solo show in London, Himbad's artwork has appeared in the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Tate Modern in London, MoMA and select special collections In China and Japan. Tipped and noted by Banksy as the “next kaws“, it can be said Himbad is the bitcoin of the art world. Tearing up the traditional systems, he is force rather than an individual, so world watch out!