A percentage of the proceeds will benefit Artist Relief and additional artist charity choices such as the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, Ali Forney Center, First Responders Children’s Foundation and more.



NEW YORK, NY | September 14th, 2021—ARTXPUZZLES today announces the one-year anniversary celebration with the launch of ARTXARTISTS, a new online OVR gallery designed exclusively for ARTXPUZZLES. This new art gallery will present curated exhibitions, artist projects, art editions and artwork from all around the globe. ARTXPUZZLES initiative was originally conceived in September 2020 to support artists during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis through an online sale benefit of Collector Edition Jigsaw Puzzles and continued to expand with a new partnerships with the online platform ARTSY and important placements with museum institution stores around the world.

Organized by ARTXPUZZLES:PUZZLES WITH PURPOSE, this important one-year anniversary celebration continues all month long with a select launch of new exclusive limited edition jigsaw puzzles. ARTXPUZZLES is taking a fresh approach with a new online gallery and very new unique 3D experience. ARTXPUZZLES was created in close collaboration with over 100 contemporary artists from across the globe to support artist studios, existing wider artist relief efforts and causes of personal social and economic concern to participating artists. To that end, a percentage of all proceeds from sales of both artwork and AXP Collector Editions will directly benefit the artists’ chosen charities.

Highlights of the launch of the ARTXPUZZLES Anniversary Celebration include:

Curator Choice Capsule Collection: Swiss contemporary artist Olaf Breuning’s Double-Sided Collector Edition Jigsaw Puzzle Front of Puzzle: W.N.W.M. E.K.Back of Puzzle: Save the Climate. Proceeds go to support of the Verbier 3-D Foundation with AXP Curator Choice Alexa Jeanne Kusber selected a series of artist which also include noted contemporary artist Natalie Ball whose proceeds will go to support the Klamath Native American Community. The originally artwork supported and owned by Rubell Collection that will be presented in a new Limited Collector Edition Jigsaw Puzzle.

Halston Archive ‘With Love” Halston Series “Portrait of Halston” by Lesley Frowick Collector Edition andHalston Originals Resort 1978” our first unique puzzle with an illustration by Joe Eula. The Halston Archive Auction: September 9th-16th at Phillips Auction House on Park Avenue. Proceeds go to support the Halston Scholarship Fund plus a selection of Artist Charity Choices.

ARTXPUZZLES is partnered with Artsy in presenting our new category of art to audiences around the world. Artsy brings together over 1 million artworks and utilizes a search engine and database to draw connections and map relationships among works of art globally. ARTSY X ARTXPUZZLES: Click Here

AXP Curator Choice Omar Lopez-Chahoud known for his curatorial work for Untitled Artfair, Chahoud selected contemporary artists from the countries of Ecuador and Mexico to create new conversations and viewpoints, speaking to historical, critical and contemporary stories of artists' studios working within these regions. Mr. Lopez-Chahoud has selected contemporary artists Cynthia Gutierrez (Guadalajara), Fritzia Irízar (Mexico), Crack Rodriguez (El Salvador), NADIE, (El Salvador), Melissa Guevara (El Salvador) and Tania Candiani (Mexico). AXP Overview: Click Here

AXP Selections: Idris Khan’s campfire-scented Victorian cut wooden puzzle “The Old Tune”; Kay Rosen’s traditional paper jigsaw “Big Talk”; and Marilyn Minter’s “Wet Kiss.” Also actor/artist Billy Zane's first painting, “Telemundo”, created on set during the filming of Titantic; Actress/Model Anh Duong’s intimate self-portrait, while Tauba Auerbach original artwork is currently part of the Pinault Collection.“Shatter 1”.

Redefining Puzzling Around the World: AXP New Options: ARTXPUZZLES is the first in the world to offer fresh new option to their audience.  Traditional Jigsaw Puzzle arrives broken down, Pre-Assembled arrives in 2-5 sheets completed sections for sliding together and/or easy display, and Framed Options for instance enjoyment and hanging. These investment-worthy jigsaw puzzles make edition collecting a new experience at accessible prices. All produced with cutting edge technology, using the latest top-quality innovation in unique jigsaw puzzle design. Available in Collector Editions of unique numbers limited edition are presented in custom-engraved wooden boxes and unique graphic designed artist boxes.

OVR GALLERY: ARTXARTISTS OVR GALLERY designed by a top Belgian design firm working closely with Fuji Film, has designed a new experience which will be like no other OVR gallery. With a full designed walk through galleries with three gallery spaces bringing the viewing experience into your own home a worldwide audience. The experience present skylights, an outdoor area and a special gallery for presenting videos, NFTS and more. Just in the blink of an eye viewers can experience artworks from around the globe and straight from the artist studios.

The new OVR gallery will be live to collectors, contemporary art lovers and puzzle enthusiasts starting on September 21st and will be ongoing presenting contemporary artists, contemporary artwork and selections of AXP Limited Edition Collector Jigsaw Puzzles, plus more surprise for Fall 2021.

ARTXPUZZLES is grateful to the contemporary art leaders, curators, galleries, museums and private collections who have supported the project to bring signature artworks to life in new one-of-a-kind collector edition jigsaw puzzles. ARTXPUZZLES can now be found at important museum institutions stores such as MAD Museum, MCA Chicago, Dallas Art Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Westport MOCA, Whitney Museum of Art and more to be announced.


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Each Limited Collector Edition is accompanied by an engraved USB drive holding a certificate of authentication, jigsaw image and further background on the artist.

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Puzzles with Purpose was conceived by independent curator, arts writer and creative entrepreneur Rachel Vancelette in May 2020 as a multifaceted sales initiative to support a range of contemporary artists as they faced the economic fallout from the world’s ongoing battle against COVID-19. Expanding horizons, Puzzles with Purpose sought artists from across the globe to shine a light on their studio practice and to create a unique Collector Edition Jigsaw Puzzle. A percentage of all net-proceeds from each Collector Edition will be allocated to participating artists for their studio practice and creative endeavors while a percentage of proceeds from each sale will also benefit their respective cause of choice with a few artists donating their complete profits to COVID19 relief efforts and Artist Charity Choices.

Puzzles with Purpose recognizes the essential role of creatives to our world and that artists in particular will require endorsement and sustained support to continue their pursuits during the current crisis. Puzzles with Purpose works together with artists to create unique jigsaw puzzles in materials including wood, gently magnetically backed puzzles as well as traditional premium paper using available cutting edge technologies and top die-cutting capabilities which will help support craft makers and other small businesses. Expanding in 2021, ARTXPUZZLES partners with ARTSY and other museum institutions to continue the ongoing efforts to support select Artist Charity Choice.  The new OVR Gallery will present select artworks all with a percentage of proceeds going Artist Relief and other important social causes.    @artxpuzzles            #artxpuzzles              #puzzleswithpurpose 


WAM is the preeminent organization focused exclusively on women and Alzheimer’s. We were created to raise awareness around Alzheimer’s as a disease that discriminates against women, since two out of every three brains that develop Alzheimer’s belong to women–with women of color at even higher risk– and 2 out of 3 caregivers of all races and ethnicities being women as well. WAM founder Maria Shriver and WAM have taken every opportunity to highlight the disproportionate and particular impact of Alzheimer’s on women.  @womenalzmovement       #WAM                     


First Responders Children’s Foundation provides financial support to children who have lost a parent in the line of duty as well as families enduring significant financial hardship due to tragic circumstances. First Responders Children’s Foundation also supports, promotes, and facilitates educational activities and programs created and operated by first responder organizations whose purpose is to benefit children or the community at large.  @1RSF   #1RSCF

ABOUT ALI FORNEY CENTER The Ali Forney Center was founded in 2002 in memory of Ali Forney, a homeless gender-nonconforming youth who was forced to live on the streets, where they were tragically murdered. Committed to saving the lives of LGBTQ+ young people, our mission is to protect them from the harms of homelessness and empower them with the tools needed to live independently. @aliforneycenter #aliforneycenter

ABOUT HALSTON SCHOLARSHIP FUND With Love Halston has a dedicated team of fashion professionals representing With Love Halston has established an important scholarship initiative at the top fashion institutions across the United States and abroad. HSF scholarships is self-sustained through an environmentally responsible product line as well as an ongoing fine arts puzzle initiative of images derived from the Halston Personal Archives.  #withlovehalston

ABOUT VERBIER 3-D FOUNDATION: The Verbier 3-D Foundation is a non-profit cultural organization dedicated to promoting contemporary art, environmentalism and education through its Artist Residency and Sculpture Park. Founded in 2010 by New York-based artist Madeleine Paternot and Verbier-based artist Kiki Thompson, the Foundation creates an educational and cultural Artist Residency and Sculpture Park at an altitude of 2,300 meters, inspired by the stunning Alpine environment of Verbier, Switzerland.  Our mission is to support emerging and established talent by pushing artists out of their comfort zones, fostering development that might not be possible in the studio space.  @3dverbier #3dverbier

 For more Charity Choice visit our website: Click Here



Bradbury Albert  


Image captions (L-R):

Top Row:

(L) Verbier 3-D Foundation Capsule Collection

(M) Halston Archive: Puzzle of Joe Eula’s Halston Original Resort 1978 wooden collector edition jigsaw puzzle, victorian-cut, framed, with a special handcrafted engraved ARTXPUZZLES box, canvas bag, and silver and glass USB drive which holds additional information including the Halston Archive Artist Certificate, Puzzle Images, Halston Story pertaining the photograph. Phillips Auction House Lot

(R) Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement Capsule Collection with fashion photographer Robert Farber

Bottom Row:

Image: Halston Archive: Puzzle of Lesley Frowick’s Portrait of Halston wooden collector edition jigsaw puzzle, tradition -cut, framed, with a special handcrafted engraved ARTXPUZZLES box, canvas bag, and silver and glass USB drive which holds additional information including the Halston Archive Artist Certificate, Puzzle Images, Halston Story pertaining the photograph. Phillips Auction House Lot. 

All puzzles produced by Art X Puzzles: Puzzle with Purpose for the benefit of Artist Relief and our Artist Charity Choices.