ARTXARTISTS | "Memory Mapping" Exhibition

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September 21- November 8th, 2021


ARTXPUZZLES: Puzzles with Purpose One-Year Anniversary Celebration announces the launch of our new platform ARTXARTISTS

Each selected ARTXARTISTS artwork and ARTXPUZZLES limited art collector edition presents a unique ‘time capsule,’ of mapping artists’ memories and personal stories during the last year of COVID19 pandemic. As time seems ever evolving during a time of crisis, artworks can become the important marker for these times continuing to look at themes of creation, rebirth and remembrance.

Intimate and shared memories are created with engaging experiences, culled from photographs, stories, paintings, artworks and even subconscious dreams and memories. These contemporary artists are secondary witnesses to both past and present events. Using distance in both time and space allows each artist to present powerful narratives open to a wide range of interpretations and expressions.

The exhibition ‘Memory Mapping’ explores how ultimately our engagement in the process of viewing artworks in new ways such as the act of jigsaw puzzling and new online platform experiences have continued to generate collective memories. Each ARTXPUZZLES Limited Collector Edition was created throughout this unique period during the COVID19 pandemic, thereby each edition continues to present new narratives of solitude and important ‘time capsules’ of memories and stories involving important social movements of today, stories of the artists’ studios and more. 

ARTXARTISTS new platform is proud to bring together our friends and partners such art galleries, art organizations, art museums in spotlighting international contemporary artists from around the globe. Supporting artists and the art community during the ongoing pandemic remains our vital global mission into 2021. We are proud to launch ARTXARTISTS and announce our new partnership with the online platform ARTSY.

ARTXARTISTS will continue to present new limited art editions and innovative artworks from the artists’ studios and partners for a global art audience supporting our of Artist Charity Choices. ARTXARTISTS is a new online gallery partner for discovering and buying artwork and new art editions from anywhere in the world. With one click on our online platform, combining streamlined click-to-buy experience, visitors will find artist videos, walk-through gallery experiences, expert curation and many more surprises in store. 

ARTXARTISTS provides unparalleled access to art collecting, art projects and new exhibitions from ARTXPUZZLES contemporary artists. Visitors can discover more in our upcoming programs of exhibitions and art projects for 2021-2022.