Artist Don Kimes Dedication to Barbara Rose

There were many art worlds swirling around Barbara. She was the connector, the believer, the touchstone, the vortex.  

This is written for all of us, to a dear friend who changed the art world and made us better for it. Her fierce intellect; her uncompromising, naked honesty; her pioneering charge into the unknown and untried; her mistakes and her successes; her warts and her beauty; the adventures we had; the battles she, and we, have fought and lost, and once in a while won together; the late night laughter; her belief in all of us whose lives she changed; these are all reasons why I, why we, will miss our friend, our partner in crime, our co-conspirator. 

Our relationship was about friendship more than career. If something good came of it, that was great. And if it didn't, that was okay too. We still had the friendship. Barbara always called me Clyde, and I always called her Bonnie. She signed all of her correspondence to me with one word: “Avanti!”. She was brilliant, had no tolerance for mediocrity, spoke five languages, and had an acerbic sense of humor. If she were alive today she would tell us not to look back at 2020. Instead look forward, because if you're looking back, you're probably going to run into a tree.

Barbara was the nexus who changed our lives. There will never be another like her. Avanti Barbara. Grazie, e Avanti!