Collection: Women's Alzheimer's Movement Volume Collection | WAM

WAM is the preeminent organization focused exclusively on women and Alzheimer’s. We were created to raise awareness around Alzheimer’s as a disease that discriminates against women, since two out of every three brains that develop Alzheimer’s belong to women–with women of color at even higher risk– and 2 out of 3 caregivers of all races and ethnicities being women as well. Until 10 years ago, the conventional thinking was that the higher incidence of Alzheimer’s in women simply reflected the fact that women tend to outlive men.

That narrative was disrupted back in 2010, when WAM founder Maria Shriver partnered with the Alzheimer’s Association on a ground-breaking report challenging the assumption that age alone accounted for the higher number of women with Alzheimer’s. Ever since that seminal Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Takes on Alzheimer’s, WAM and Shriver have taken every opportunity to highlight the disproportionate and particular impact of Alzheimer’s on women. Today, we can claim success that science and medicine accept the fact that women often develop Alzheimer’s for reasons involving their sex, gender and other factors specific to their lives.