Collection: ‘The Curate’ Shop Experience

The Curate Shop Experience includes AXP’s second seasonal pop-up with a unique curated shopping experience with limited special collector editions from a select group of international artisans, artists, fashion designers, and more. The curated selection will take one through a unique experience + artistic journey from Matt Enger’s Exploding Sky World Motorcycle jacket to styling your favorite pet with handmade rhinestone-inspired mini jackets by Pedechi.

Art puzzling with special limited editions by ART X PUZZLES with artists Marilyn Minter, Matthew Day Jackson + more, plus beauty expert/stylist/artist Michael Angelo’s special edition candle “You Are Beautiful” straight from his Highline installation in New York City. Curators, contemporary artists and artisans help us with curating special selections each season! These special items to be displayed at the Salmagundi Club on September 6th for a new pop-up experience!